If you are looking for a mini loan provider, fast loan is a good choice.


Experience with Fast Loan from Agree Bank

Experience with Fast Loan from Nice Bank

If you are looking for a mini loan provider, Fast Loan is a good choice. The provider, which belongs to Agree Bank, offers small loans between 50 USD and 600 USD for first-time customers. The term is up to 62 days. With the second loan application, you can apply for a sum of 1,500 USD as a short-term loan. A mini loan is ideal for bridging until the next receipt of money. You cannot make big leaps with it.

Loan offer from Fast Loan

  • Short-term credit up to 600 USD for new customers
  • Existing customers can apply for up to 1,500 USD
  • up to 62 days of credit
  • Identification by PostIdent or VideoIdent
  • Requests for credit are free and do not commit to anything.

Overview of Agree Bank conditions

With Fast Loan you get a loan with terms of 30 and 62 days. If you choose the two-rate option with 62 days, this is subject to a fee. After you have paid off the first loan on time, you can apply for another one. The loan amount is then up to 1,500 USD. Such short-term loans only serve as an alternative until the next receipt of money. You should also borrow only the amount that you do not get into trouble with the repayment. If there are any doubts, then leave it.

How does the loan application work with Fast Loan?

How does the loan application work with Fast Loan?

You only need to enter the desired amount and the duration on the page. You will receive an answer within a short time. Identification is done using PostIdent or VideoIdent. Many banks are already using the VideoIdent. This saves customers the way to the post office counter. This not only saves time, but the money is also in the account earlier.

What about the additional services at Agree Bank?

With Fast Loan it is possible to receive the money within 24 hours. You will get a credit decision within 60 seconds whether a loan is even possible. As soon as you visit the bank’s website, a live chat starts. You can clarify any questions directly with an employee. Due to the fact that the bank is based in Malta, you can hope for a loan approval even if the entries in the credit bureau are no longer so good. You do not need to submit salary certificates.

Other additional services include the two-rate option, which is associated with additional fees. You usually pay back the amount within 30 days. Choosing the two-rate option gives you more financial leeway. You then only have to pay the last installment after 62 days.

How does identification work?

How does identification work?

The bank offers the conventional PostIdent, where you can identify yourself with your ID card at the post office counter. The new VideoIdent is less time-consuming. All you have to do is hold your ID card in front of the camera. An employee checks the data and compares your photo. This saves a lot of time, which affects the payment of the loan amount. All you need is a stable and fast internet line, a camera and software for video telephony, such as Skype.

Are there reasons that can lead to a loan rejection?

There are. For example, if there are entries in the credit bureau that are serious, there is no loan from Fast Loan either. These include, for example, affidavits, ongoing seizures, warrants and bankruptcy proceedings.

Conclusion on mini credit from Agree Bank

Conclusion on mini credit from Nice Bank

Fast Loan is one of the few providers of mini loans. In the background is the Agree Bank from Malta. As a first-time customer, there is a loan amount of up to 600 USD. If this loan has been properly repaid, then another loan with a higher loan amount of up to 1,500 USD can be applied for. The term is up to 62 days, whereby the two-rate option is chargeable.

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