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Tips every parent needs- How to avoid a spend-a-thon when confronted by a nagging child.

Aug 28, 2023
How to respond to nagging

I don't need to tell you that every parent has had the experience of being ambushed by a nagging child who wants something.

We feel backed into a corner, worn down and are often so distracted that we say "Yes" when we mean a resounding "NO!" 

One moment we're at the cashier buying groceries and they throw that box of sugary cereal into the basket, next thing we know, we're at the garage getting petrol and they beg us for chocolate , the cinema, the dreaded museum shop... 

It feels like we're faced with "Can I have that?" everywhere we turn.

While our wallets might be crying a tiny bit (okay, maybe more than a tiny bit) and we sometimes wonder if our kids think money grows on trees, let’s face it – constantly spending isn’t the best lesson for them.

So, in the spirit of both savings and life lessons, here are my top 3 cost-effective tips for raising kids who value money:

1. **Set the Stage Early 🎭**: Before you're even at the park and that siren-call of the ice cream van beckons, make sure your kids know the plan.
Something like, "Hey, I know that ice cream van is tempting, but today, we'll have a special treat from our freezer at home!"
Believe me, a little disappointment now can lead to a lot of gratitude later.
And remember, no child ever faced dire consequences from skipping an ice cream treat!

2. **DIY Cinema & Outing Snacks 🍿**:
Want a little secret? Kids LOVE having their very own picnic. Mine used to love these!
So, why not prepare a bag or box just for them? Make your popcorn, pack some mini cookies or fruits, maybe even a little sandwich. Bonus: have them compare the cost of cinema popcorn to your DIY version. They might be surprised!

3. **Navigating The All-Tempting Shop 🛍️**:
Whether it's a museum or theme park, those stores at the exit? Tricky.
Prepping your child can make all the difference. Set a budget, or let them know that today is just for looking. You can tell them to make a list of all the things they liked. Believe it or not, they enjoy window shopping just as much!

There you have it! A few tips to make those outings a bit easier on the pocket and valuable for the kids.


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